Flexibility !

QESH provides training and consultancy that is tailor made, practical and customized for the customer at any time.  QESH delivers the most comprehensive training and consulting offer that meets the needs and requests of our customers. Besides the training and consultancy QESH advises companies to obtain an ISO, OHSAS , Environment certificate or ISAGO registration. Also QESH can perform safety risk assessments / audits and prepare emergency rescue evacuation plans for companies.


QESH Training & Consultancy NV is a no- nonsense organization . This is in consistency with the vision of companies who are thinking and working pragmatically. QESH is very flexible in the organization of training . This means that the training can be given on evenings and even during the weekends.


The instructors have received all relevant courses (Safety Engineer, OSHA or IATA authorizations) and have may years of practical experience in safety. Our instructors are professional, pragmatic and flexible. Our organization is focused on proper preparation of the training so the instructors are well informed about the customer.