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E-Learning NIBHV incl. 8 hours practical course

(Nederlands Instituut voor BedrijfsHulverlening)


We offer the possibility to follow an Emergency Rescue Response Officer course by combining e-learning with a practical part. The content of the course is equal to our regular Emergency Rescue Response Officer course.

The e-learning offers a rich learning environment in which students learn how to perform the Emergency  Rescue Response tasks . They can choose their own learning route and learn at their own pace at any time of the day. Texts, instructions, videos, animations, questions and assignments and feedback easily guide the student through the content. Each part is concluded with an e-learning test. Students have access to e-learning for a year so that they can maintain their emergency skills.


In the practical part of this course by classroom, we will focus is on practical competences: extinguishing, first aid skills and evacuation. The instructor guides the students in applying the knowledge from e-learning. Students practice in groups, so that they can further develop their skills in interaction with their fellow students and the instructor. 

Course Content:

  • Organization of first aid

  • Providing first aid when accidents occur  

  • Transporting victims  

  • Preventing and fighting fire

  • Evacuation of colleagues, guests and thirds in emergency situations

  • Maintaining contact with external emergency services and facilities


Expiration of certificates will comply with NIBHV requirements or AHA requirements, one year expiration for recurrent training. 



Total cost per person:  Upon quote request

Type of course:             E-learning + 8 hours practical (classroom)

Including:                      Theoretical and practical examination

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