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Emergency First Responder:

Fire Extinguishing


The Emergency First Responder course, Fire Extinguisher has a purpose to train employees with small fire extinguishers.


  • Local laws and NFPA

  • Stages of fire

  • Hazards of fire and explosion

  • Types of fire extinguishers

  • Classes of fire (as defined by NFPA and NEN standard)

  • How to act in case of a fire

  • Explanation about your company’s evacuation plans


  • Fire simulation and practice with fire extinguishers

  • Fire Preventive Measures 


Expiration of certificates will comply with NIBHV requirements or AHA requirements, one year expiration for recurrent training. 

Total cost per person:  Upon quote request

Type of course:             Classroom with lot of practical

Duration:                       2 hours

Including:                      Examination and digital certificate

Thank you! We will contact you soon.

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