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Press Release July 31st 2020

‘Clean, Renewable and Sustainable Energy’

- A proven solution that will accelerate Aruba’s Green Energy Agenda -

Aruba is approaching the crossroad to make a decision that will have a Social, Economic and Financial impact for the next generations to come.

On Friday, July 31 at 03.00 pm, the RdA jointly with Newleave Notary published the list of registered companies with regards to the public tender for the REOI-1 (oil-related activities) and the REOI-2 (non-oil-related activities). One of the accepted registered companies that has been approved for REOI-2 is the local company QESH IPR NV, that consists of a Consortium which is the result of an Aruba citizen’s initiative.

The focus on the QESH IPR N.V. submitted proposal is Renewable, Green and Sustainable Energy, by developing and installing a Worldwide Proven and already Existing Integrated combination of Clean Technologies, Energy Storage and production of Green Solar Fuels a 120 MW Integrated Concentrated Solar Power Project (hereafter ICSP) in Aruba. This can be combined with grid integration of existing ELMAR/WEB turbines, windmills Vader Piet and the Solar Park.

This project can be either developed combined with oil processing activities or solely as an alternative “Clean and Renewable Energy” project, that’s a tough decision to be made by the RdA commission”, according Bernd Zalewski, Strategical Director and member of the ICSP consortium.

The ICSP project will bring Aruba a green industry, lower energy cost for energy and new innovative business opportunities with a new range of new jobs. It will benefits Aruba’s economics and social growth for the current residents as well as the generations to come. Besides Aruba will be the frontrunner, the Caribbean Center & Benchmark for High Performance Renewable, Green and Sustainability Energy for the Caribbean region and even South America.

‘Proven ICSP technology, aligned with Global sustainable goals UN’

Several oil states like in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait already invested in ICSP plants with many more to come. These Gulf countries are already preparing for a fossil fuel free future to come.  When submitting the proposal, all requirements set by the RdA have been taken into account and also these requirements are aligned with the 17 Global sustainable goals defined and set by the United Nations.

Aruba has all golden natural elements we have the sun – wind and water. “Why not use it all”, says Joey van den Berg, Commercial Director and member of the ICSP consortium.

The technical selling points of this ICSP project for Aruba are:

  • The ICSP technology is able to collect energy from the sun, which can be used to generate  entirely renewable energy based electricity.

  • The ICSP technology is based around a central solar tower which focuses sunlight into surrounding parabolic or mirrors throughs which collect the energy — hence the “concentrating” aspect of its name.

  • The ICSP technology allows “energy storage” and peak shaving to ensure continuous power supply even at night and when it’s raining; by utilizing the Molten Salt storage system for power production at night and at times when the sun is not shining (between 14 – 16 hours energy storage).

  • From the overproduction of energy it can produce concentrating green solar fuels while generating electricity like following: hydrogen, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and methanol. These can be used for the internal market as well as export product, this will have a positive impact on the Aruba’s financial budget.

  • One of the optional ways to use the excess energy of the surplus heat from the steam turbine, is to use the energy for the purpose of desalination of seawater. Such water resource can be distributed as portable water to be used by Aruban residents and commercial businesses.

  • To create a Biological Hortimari and Mariculture park, offering to the food industry the opportunity to invest in the development of marine production, fish, shells, seaweed, etcetera. 


To achieve our vision to become a sustainable innovative world class utility, we are working to establish sustainability as the roadmap that secures a brighter, better and happier future for Aruba by launching distinguished world-class initiatives and projects in green development,” concluded Theo Leurs,  Technical Director and member of the ICSP Consortium. 








Economic and social impact, benefits and opportunities for Aruba by investing in the ICSP project.

By investing in this renewable and green ICSP project Aruba will contribute to economy diversification and economic resilience and create a second or even third revenue model in addition to the tourism industry. The project will result in lower energy costs for the residents of Aruba and its commercial entrepreneurs. Incorporate local contractors where possible to achieve economies of scale and reduce local cost. When it’s complete, the project will reduce tons of carbon emissions annually. Last but not least: creating a Renewable, Green & Sustainable Training Knowledge & Innovation Development Center can also be profitable and interesting for Aruba to attract external businesses, international students and scientists.

This ICSP project can also be the opportunity to connect with renewable, green and sustainable initiatives and projects from the Netherlands. This will surely create added value and reinforce the ICSP project, “It could be even a “blue print” for the other islands of the Kingdom, because simply they are struggling with the same problems as Aruba”, according to Bernd Zalewski.

This QESH IPR N.V. proposal is a relevant green strategic energy project with great short- and long-term benefits for Aruba. Together with relevant local stakeholders the ICSP project really can accelerate Aruba’s green agenda.

For interviews and more information on this press release contact :

Joey van den Bergh (Commercial Director)
Tel: 00297 - 593 5043

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