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Hardwired Safety Awareness Tools/Safety Management System.


How many times have you conducted safety training and six months later, heard this comment from your organization? “Well, the safety training was great, it generated a lot of excitement, but nothing has changed. It’s just business as usual.”

Do you want real change for your organization? Hardwire behavior change into your organization’s safety systems and processes. Here’s how…

To ensure the accident/incident error-catching skills safety awareness training seminars produce permanent behavior change and enduring results, QESH provides Hardwired Safety Tools (HST)/Safety Management System (SMS) workshops to produce Safety Awareness procedures, protocols, checklists, and processes for your staff.

These Safety Awareness tools support and require the use of the teamwork safety awareness skills learned in the seminars. By utilizing these tools, industrial organizations “hardwire” into their safety system the ability to recognize, respond, and recover from accidents/incidents and error. These workshops form a partnership between your staff and our safety/quality and process experts to create the safety awareness tools that precisely fit your needs.


When the Safety Awareness Training is complete your organization will have the following safety improvement tools at their disposal:

  • A completed Safety Management System (SMS) package (e.g. safety awareness procedure, protocol, or checklist)

  • Training / educational documents for the use of the SMS package.

  • A measurement/testing plan to ensure SMS package effectiveness and document improvement results.

  • Revised Safety Policy & Procedure verbiage governing the use of the SMS package.

  • Revised Annual Performance Reviews that include the use of the completed Tool in your assessment systems

  • A presentation to management/supervisors to introduce the SMS package, the safety awareness training, safety measurement, and safety implementation plans.

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4. Safety Awareness Team Training to provide world-class skills training and performance improvement.

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