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  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally accepted standard that organisations can use to boost customer satisfaction by complying with customer requirements and with laws and regulations. By introducing an ISO 9001 quality system, companies ensure that they are constantly monitoring their own organization and are motivated to improve their business operations. The emphasis lies on clarity and insight into business processes (for both the company’s employees and the customer). Nowadays, many companies require their suppliers to hold an ISO 9001 certificate. QESH Services can help you to obtain ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
    In the ISO 14001 standards the focus is on those aspects of business affecting the environment. Companies that meet this standard, make it clear that environmental is their serious concern. A requirement for certification is an environmental management policy that reduce environmental risks in the daily operations. QESH Services assists you in preparing for the certification and maintenance of your environmental management system.
  • OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System
    OHSAS 18001 is an international standard for managing safety in the workenvironment. It is at once a guide to set up a safety management system. Remarkably the focus in this standaard are the working conditions and focus on continuous improvement in safety. Therefore OHSAS 18001 can easily be combined with the other standards for quality and environment. All these standards are based on a continuous improvement cycle.QESH Services assists you in preparing for the certification and maintenance of your safety management system.
  • Safety Consultancy
    Plenty of reasons within your company to involve a safety engineer of QESH Services NV. Our safety engineers where involved in maintenance projects in the ( petro ) chemical industry and the oil industry , in land rehabilitation , in conducting safety inspections , conducting risk assessments or preparing SHE-plans. We also advise on areas including the company emergency rescue plans, company safety contingency plan, change of workplaces and issues like high noise levels, hazardous substances, machinery , etc.
  • Safety Risk Assessment
    Companies, organizations and institutions should ensure optimum safety , health and welfare of their employees through the use of a company safety policy. This starts with a safety risk assessment. The aim is to identify risks arising from work , as far as possible eliminate or control them. The safety engineers of QESH can perform a safety risk assessment for your company. They report this and make a safety action plan. This is will be your building stone to improve your safety performance. QESH has the expertise and extensive experience in performing a safety risk assessment. Also an existing safety risk assessment can be updated.
  • HACCP (Food Safety)
    Food safety is a critical factor for all companies in the food industry. Both the legislature and clients make increasingly stringent demands on the system by which a food safety system is established. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a methodology that focuses on identifying , assessing and managing food safety risks in production, distribution and sale of food . Basis of the HACCP methodology is that the critical control points in the production process are measured and controlled. QESH can help you in determining a policy and setting up a HACCP management system , whether or not integrated in an ISO management system.
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