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Development of Safety Awareness Measurement Systems to Ensure Safety Awareness Program Success.


Prove that you have changed behavior and reaped results from your investment in our QESH Safety Awareness Program with our comprehensive measurement system.

Here’s what we do:

  • Work with your stakeholders to determine the outcome safety measures that will document the change and safety improvements you are seeking

  • Analyze your current data collection and analysis system to determine what metrics you are now using that will support the change you wish to document – thus avoiding the need to add new data collection requirements to your system

  • Create a Project measurement plan with pre-project and post-project data sets for comparison

  • Seek usefulness in the plan, not perfection

  • Keep measurement simple

  • Use qualitative and quantitative data

  • Build measurement into daily work

  • Develop a measurement team

  • Assist you in preparing your data for external review and publication

  • Prepare and deliver a comprehensive Project Report, including ROI calculations.

QESH Services Uses Proven Statistical Methodology:

  • Survey design and analysis

  • Analysis of your organization’s databases: Data mining, text mining

  • Performance assessment

  • Critical Incident Report qualitative assessment

  • Focus Group Interviews

QESH Services Provides Synthesis and Interpretation of Data, Reporting of Results:

  • Justification of the methods used

  • Implementation of effective techniques for assuring confidentiality of data and disclosure control

  • Qualitative and quantitative interpretation

  • Collaboration with the customers for further requirements

  • Easy to use, self-explanatory electronic presentations

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