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Train the Trainer Safety Awareness Program.


Get your Safety Awareness Program project started now. Don’t wait for training at one of our locations. Avoid the travel and lodging expense of sending a large team to Aruba.

QESH Services can come directly to you with the most experienced trainers in the world. This 2-day workshop gives you the same Master Trainer certification to teach the 4-hour Safety Awareness Team Training course as is available from QESH Services. Learn from coaches and facilitators with years of real-world experience.


You can get training in all of the Safety Awareness Program curriculum from QESH Services master instructors including the following:

  • Module 1: Introduction

  • Module 2: Team Structure

  • Module 3: Leadership

  • Module 4: Situation Monitoring

  • Module 5: Mutual Support

  • Module 6: Communications

  • Module 7: Summary – Putting It All Together

  • Module 8: Change Management

  • Module 9: Coaching Workshop

  • Module 10: Implementation Workshop

  • Module 11: Practice Teaching Session

Read the specific results achieved by other organizations who have used the QESH Safety Awareness Program.

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