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Reduce accidents, incidents, and errors with Targeted Error-catching Teamwork Skills Training!


Have you ever conducted team building training in your organization and at the end of the session the participants got up, walked out and said, “That was a complete waste of my time. I learned nothing new. I could have been seeing customers and be doing business as usual…instead, I had to sit through this. ”That never happens with our safety skills-based seminars. Here’s why….


  1. We target our skills-based seminars to your exact needs through a series of GAP Analysis & Risk Assessment site visits at your organization.

  2. We provide a dynamic, information-packed, fast-moving, case study-based seminar that equips your organization with proven skills they can use the minute they complete the training. View testimonials from our clients.


Get Targeted Skills Safety Awareness Training: Ensure Your Staff Learns The Skills They Really Need.


Reduce Error With Great Teamwork.

Your organization will achieve positive, pro-active, error-reducing behavior from your staff with our interactive, dynamic error-catching safety awareness team skills course. The seminar is relentlessly packed with proven, practical, easy, do-it-now skills and tools to improve the safety of your service:

  • Introduction to Aviation-based Safety Awareness Programs.

  • Alertness Management and Fatigue Countermeasures.

  • Safety Awareness Team Building Training.

  • Recognizing the Warning Signs (Red Flags) of Impending Adverse Situations. 

  • Cross-Check and Communication.

  • Effective Team Decision Making.

  • Debriefing (Performance Feedback.)


Go to the next step in the Safety Awareness Program:

5. Safety Awareness Measurement Systems so you can monitor and continually improve safety results.

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