Leadership and Management Training & Coaching Program

Learn practical leadership and management skills that will improve the ability to inspire the best performance from yourselves and the rest of your team. Designed specifically for Policy Makers, CEO’s, Directors, Managers ,Team Leaders and Supervisors.

Would you like some help to improve the leadership and management skills of either yourself or others? Do you see some of your leader-managers making mistakes in the way they relate to other members of the group? Do you think it might be good to involve your team leaders and managers in a professional two day leadership training course?
This informative and inspiring two day course is packed with new techniques, tools and skills that will make you feel more confident, self-assured and motivated. On this course you will learn skills relating to: leadership, teambuilding, performance management (KPI’s), accurate communication, decision making, recognizing red flags, how to motivate yourself and the others. Would like to develop your leadership and management skills to the next level? If yes, then please read the following details and then get yourself involved in this popular two day leadership and management training course.

The purpose of this unique leadership training course is to show the delegates special techniques that will improve their ability to inspire the best performance from themselves and the rest of the team.

Policy makers, CEO’s directors, managers, supervisors, anyone who leads a team of people.

Bernd Zalewski, Director of QESH Services N.V. has consulted, audited and led leadership & management skills training and workshops for over 350 organizations world-wide – including aviation-, tourism-, construction-, power and energy-, oil- and gas-, chemical- and healthcare industry.

Study method:
This interactive training will focus on the different leadership styles and apply them. You will also practice in the creation of support by communicating effectively during workshops and case-studies. You develop your conversational skills to coach your staff optimally and to control. Under inspiring leadership of an experienced trainer teaches you leadership in a natural way. Did you attend the entire training, you will receive the QESH certificate.

Language: English

Plus 3 months free SKYPE or telephone coaching.
To answer any on-going questions, you will also receive email and telephone support from your trainer after you have attended the course. Whilst you are implementing what you have learned we will be there to help you if you need us for advice, guidance and coaching.

QESH Services N.V. provides this training also in-company.

Training Program Day 1: Leader vs. manager, leadership styles and 80/20 principle Teambuilding, how to create a motivated and effective team Standardizing communication, communicating red flags Decision making
Training Program Day 2: Management systems & performance management (KPI’s) Coaching for Improved Work Performance and Accountability Dealing with resistance and low performers Leadership and change Personal actionplan
Note: Approximate times are not provided. Each Leadership Team works at a different pace and this agenda reflects the needed workflow based on past experience. Please be flexible.

Performance Management Training & Coaching Program

Performance Management (ISO 9001) In-company Business Results Accelerator (KPI) Training & Coaching Program: Achieving your organization’s key results faster than you ever thought.

You learn how to:

  • Maximize ISO 9001 : 2015 performance
  • Adopt a “tool / blue print” to produce results that give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Develop a dashboard of key results that motivate staff to achieve more than you thought possible.
  • Make the three essential components of culture – Actions, Beliefs, and Experiences – work in harmony to change the results your organization achieves.
  • Create experiences for your staff that will drive the results you need to succeed.
  • Get commitment, not just compliance, by changing the way your employees think.
  • Develop teams that can execute your company’s strategy and deliver results.

Better results:
If everyone in your organization continues to act and think in the same way as they are now, can you achieve the results you need to succeed this year? Will your current organizational behaviour produce the results you’ve promised your boss, or the results you really need? If not, changing your culture is not an option – it’s an imperative, and this workshop will show you a fool proof method of making it happen. Either you will manage your organization’s culture, or it will manage you. This interactive, hands-on training program is relentlessly packed with actionable steps to successfully manage the results-producing behaviour of your organization.

  • Road map current results.
  • Roadmap getting different results.
  • Common mistakes.
  • Workshop “What is the ONE key business result you would really like to change”.
  • Creating alignment around key results.
  • Determine your key results.
  • Create experiences that drives beliefs.
  • Scorecards for key results.
  • Coaching low performers.
  • Workshop “Coaching conversation”.

Target group: CEO’s, Directors and their Management Team(s).

  • Intake meeting 2 hours
  • Training 2 times 4 hours
  • Monthly coaching 2 hours (6 months)

Risk Assessment

Workshop how to conduct high quality risk assessments. This interactive and practical workshop about high quality risk assessments will show you how to plan and conduct the best possible risk assessments for your organization.
Designed Specifically For: Managing Directors, Operations Managers, Supervisors and Quality & Safety Managers


  • Risk assessments are vital to business continuity and the bottom line, and are the most
  • important means of collecting risk knowledge. It will save costs by being proactive instead of
  • reactive. There will be a reduction in the financial costs of accidents i.e. compensation claims,
  • loss of production, damage to equipment, prosecution costs. Also according to the new
  • requirements of international standards from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 “High
  • Level Structure” it is mandatory to perform risk assessments. You will find out how to engage
  • the interest of all stakeholders and ensure you capture valuable information from them.

Learn how to:
  • Analyse your business objectives and define the scope of your risk Assessment.
  • Identify the most appropriate risk assessment technique.
  • Plan and facilitate a risk assessment.
  • Identify and group risks into relevant categories.
  • Tailor a risk matrix to enable you to rate your risks.
  • Evaluate risks based on their rating and your organization’s risk tolerance.
Participants: Managing directors, operations managers, supervisors, and quality & safety managers. The workshop will be very useful to professionals new to risk management as well as more
experienced managers who need to boost their risk assessment skills.

QESH Services N.V., workshop will be led by a risk consultant with
experience in over 225 organizations world-wide – including construction, electrical power-
plants, transport / logistics, waste management, maritime, oil industry, aviation, tourism
industry and health care.

By the end of the session you will be able to:
  • Integrate risks from across departments and disciplines into a manageable risk register.
  • Make the best use of time allocated to risk assessments.
  • Focus your efforts cost effectively on the most important areas.

You will return to your workplace with: The knowledge to gather high quality and accurate information through risk assessments.A range of risk assessment techniques you can use, whoever the stakeholderImproved facilitation skills, including the ability to encourage contributions from all.An understanding of how a risk ratings matrix can benefit your organization.
Language: English

QESH Services N.V. provides this training also in-company.