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Innovative, High Quality, and Maintenance Free!






Prymaxx Caribbean introduces the first Glow in the Dark fire extinguisher on the market. This fire extinguisher will light up when it turns dark.


The Prymaxx Spray Can Fire Extinguisher with glow in the dark packaging is ideal for the most common fires at your company, hotel, restaurant, in the car or truck, camper, boat, at home and not to forget in your kitchen. This universal spray fire extinguisher can be used on solid fabrics and flammable liquid, it can also be used to extinguish 5 liters of burning fat/ oil. With an easy press on the button, you stifle a fire within seconds. 


The fire extinguisher is light, compact and can be used with one hand. Since the spray is similar to an aerosol can anyone un-regarded their age is able to use it. By removing the lid the spray fire extinguisher is always ready for use due to its intuitive function. This prevents a small fire from expanding quickly into a big fire with all possible negative effects. All Prymaxx Spray Can fire extinguishers are tested regarding the new European Norm (NEN).

Spray Can
The Prymaxx Spray Can Fire Extinguisher benefits:


  • Comes with 3-5 years warranty.

  • Extinguish the fire in just seconds.

  • Extinguishes 2 litres of Bio-ethanol gel.

  • Foam AFFF

  • Causes zero to minimal damage to the surrounding.

  • Safe and easy to use.

  • 99,5% Biodegradable.

  • For outdoor use between -15°C and 60°C.

  • For indoor use between 0°C and 60°C.

  • European Norm (NEN) and EN 3-7.

  • Features the Dutch National Fire-department “Rijkstypekeur”.

  • Maximum spray time of 35 seconds (which is equal to a 6 liter foam extinguisher).

  • Extinguishes 5 liters of frying fat.

  • Safe to use with electric devices till 1000V.

  • Clip holder does not come with the fire extinguisher, it can be ordered as an accessory.

The Prymaxx Aramid Fire Extinguisher


The Prymaxx Aramid Fire Extinguisher is durable and light, using Kevlar (usually associated with bullet-proof vests) to manufacture the extinguishers inner core. The steel cylinder of traditional fire extinguisher’s has been replaced with a composite polyethylene plastic shell, providing UV protection, preventing corrosion and providing substantially better durability in comparison. This plastic shell is then used to protect the Kevlar core from the elements and allows the Fireworld extinguisher to be confidently installed in external locations.


This Prymaxx Aramid Fire Extinguisher range does not require an annual service call-out from an extinguisher engineer and refilling or replacing after five years. All that is required for these extinguishers is for the business owner or the chosen competent person to carry out the manufacturer’s simple 3 step self-maintenance check. The checks are then recorded in the fire log book and on each extinguisher.

With massive cost saving benefits, reduced weight and lower environmental impact, the Prymaxx Aramid Fire Extinguisher provide the first truly sustainable option whilst also offering enhanced performance and financial benefits. Every Prymaxx Fire Extinguisher model comes with a 10 year operational guarantee.

Aramid Fire Extinguisher
All pro’s regarding the Prymaxx Aramid fire extinguisher:


  • Approved and certified according to EN3.

  • CE-mark in accordance with PED.

  • Factory warranty of 10 years.

  • Requires just simple inspection.

  • 20-year life circle

  • Sustainable and corrosion free.

  • 20% lighter in weight than a metal fire extinguisher.

  • Foam and Powder (2 – 6 – 9 liters).

The Prymaxx Evacuation Mask PX VM60

Smoke poisoning is the cause of 80% of deadly victims in fire accidents. Through inhalation of carbon monoxide and irritated eyes caused by smoke it is almost impossible to find a safe exit. This gets even worse due to bad sight and time pressure and will most likely result in panic.

The Prymaxx Evacuation mask can be used easily and quickly. Your head and eyes will be protected and you’ll be able to calmly breath wearing the mask. With the use of this mask it is possible to find a safe exit as soon as possible.

Everywhere you go with long hallways or locations where you’ll have to warn others an evacuation mask is indispensable. The flee masks should be obligated in the equipment kit of emergency rescue respond officers.

Evacuation Mask
The PRYMAXX leg holster is ideal for the police, security, etc. and can be worn on the left or right leg.
Wall mounting for the spray can or aramide fire extinguishers can be mounted on solid walls or for instance in a car.
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