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Proven Leadership Development Safety Training That Ensures Project Success.


Has your CEO or President ever come to you and said, “I’ve got a special project for you.” Then he or she goes on to describe in detail what you need to do. And you are left to think, “How in the world am I ever going to do all of that, and keep up with all of my other assignments too?”

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of safety experts by your side throughout the entire Project, showing you what to do and how to do it, and then equipping you with project-leading skills that you can use on other assignments?


A Leadership Safety Development Training Program Designed for Industrial Professionals

QESH Services provides the organizational leadership safety training and safety support to equip your team and ensure that the QESH Safety Awareness Project will be a success. QESH Services helps you do the right things for initial success, and then sustain your success by equipping your Leaders to do the right things at the right time throughout the Safety Awareness Project.


The Leadership Safety Development Training brings industry professionals to an intensive and concentrated 2-day workshop that seeks to distill the critical lessons learned from almost 25 years of aviation Safety Awareness implementation experience and 5 years of healthcare implementation experience, thus allowing industrial executives to avoid costly missteps and wasted effort.


We also recommend an additional ½ day Leadership Safety Training upon completion of the Hardwired Safety Tools development in order to evaluate progress to date, structure future implementation and make necessary adjustments as we continue the Safety Awareness Project. Those attending the Leadership Safety Training will be expertly prepared to take specific strategic and tactical steps that assure Safety Awareness Program success.


In addition to providing organizational Leadership Safety Training, the training prepares you to put the required organizational structure in place to support the “system changes” and training initiatives needed to really improve safety and quality. These structural elements include a Safety Awareness Steering Committee Team, organizational policy documents, program charter documents, funding programs, internal marketing programs, and implementation plans.


After completing the safety organizational leadership training, your team will know and be able to do the following:

  • Develop The Unique Selling Proposition for your Safety Awareness Project

  • Create the Ten Critical Implementation Steps based on lessons learned from Aviation Research and other industrial institutions

  • Review and apply lessons learned from aviation CRM Implementation Plans

  • Understand how to apply the Four Safety P’s: Philosophy, Policy, Procedure, Practice… to your Project

  • Write a Safety Program Philosophy and Policy Statement

  • Design the Safety Program Organizational Structure

  • Create the Critical Safety Program Action Steps – The “To-Do List”

  • Understand how to integrate Safety Teamwork Skills Into Training Syllabi

  • Revise Safety Organizational Policies, Safety Instructions & Safety Procedures to ensure project success

  • Understand how to conduct Hardwired Safety Tools / Safety management system Workshops

  • Design a Safety Measurement Program to document results

  • Create an educational program to ensure management/supervisor support


Go to the next step in the Safety Awareness Program:

3. Hardwired Safety Awareness Tools (HST) Safety Management System. Customized, site-specific safety tools to hardwire improved safety performance.

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