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Thirteen Things You Must Know About Successful Safety Awareness Program Implementation.

Here it is – all in one place. Ten years of lessons learned, garnered from hard-won experience helping almost 100 organizations implement Safety Awareness Programs.

Safety Awareness Program Examples and Information You Can Really Use:

  • Who in your organization should come to Safety Awareness Training Program and why

  • Why refresher Safety Awareness Training is needed and how to design it

  • What to do about new-hires – why it’s critical to get them up to speed on your corporate culture

  • How to hardwire Safety Awareness behaviors into daily work life

  • Why it’s critical to incorporate Leadership Safety Rounding into your Safety Awareness Program and how to do it

  • What to do about low performers – those resistant staff who refuse to support your Safety Awareness Program initiative

  • Why you must change your corporate mission and values statements to support your Safety Awareness Program

  • The role of data collection and analysis and how to create a measurement program to guide your Safety Awareness Program Project

  • What changes should be made to your executive assessment and reward programs, and what happens to your sustainability if you don’t

  • Why management and supervisor support of the Safety Awareness Program is critical and how to get it

  • What changes should be made to your Policy and Procedures Manual to support Safety Awareness Program success

  • Why annual employee performance reviews must be revised once a Safety Awareness program is started

  • The one publicity strategy most organizations fail to do and why successful Safety Awareness Program program never fails to do it.

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