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ESH Services provides Teamwork Training and Safety and Quality systems developed by high-reliability organizations to create sustainable and measurable cultural change in general-, construction-, maritime-, oil and gas explorations, and the chemical industry. The result? Better Teams. Better Safety and Quality Systems. Safer work environment. Lower Costs. Guaranteed.

QESH Services can help you improve:

Your Safety & Quality performance

Improve safety and quality with the QESH CRM Safety and Quality Improvement Program. This comprehensive program helps your facility adopt and sustain a culture of safety and quality for better clients, employees and financial outcomes. Our program consists of:

  • A thorough risk assessment of your organization, staff, and procedures;

  • Leadership and organizational development to ensure your leadership team has the skills to permanently sustain the culture change;

  • Customized, site-specific safety and quality tools to hardwire improved performance;

  • CRM Safety and Quality training to provide world-class skills training and performance improvement;

  • Comprehensive measurement systems so you can monitor and continually improve results.


Training is provided at your organization by experienced safety and quality trainers. Organizations that have used the QESH program have consistently experienced improvements in safety and quality, customer and employee satisfaction, fewer accidents/incidents and errors, and lower malpractice costs.


Employee Retention
Better employee retention is a critical goal for many of our clients. By implementing the QESH systems at your organization, you will be able to reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction. The QESH system includes implementing the QESH CRM Safety and Quality Improvement Program with a special emphasis on manager – supervisor – employee communication, teamwork skills training, and safety and quality tools designed with significant input from your staff.


Safety and Quality Performance
QESH Services shows you where and how to direct your efforts and resources to ensure your organization’s Safety and Quality Systems. QESH Services can help improve your Safety and Quality performance by:


  • Improving communication and teamwork among your managers, supervisors, and staff.

  • Reducing undetected and uncorrected unsafe situations and errors that affect your customer and employees and their perception of your service.

  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of your customer care processes.

  • Dramatically improving staff satisfaction.

  • Reducing employee turnover so your clients benefitsfrom consistent service.


The QESH Guarantee
The methodology behind our training is based on best practices adapted from the safest industry in the world, aviation, and has been so successful that we are able to guarantee that your organisationwill meet its improvement goals.

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