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Please contact us for a quote or a FREE One-Hour

Consultation through a SKYPE Call

Our business coaches are professional, pragmatic and flexible. They received all relevant courses and authorizations and have many years of practical experience from successfully running their own businesses and being a business coach over 20 years while helping over 250 leaders to improve their personal and professional lives and their organizations.


Our Business Coach comes into your organization and helps you work toward your goals. You meet with our coach and define what objectives and targets your company needs to shoot for. You then create an actionable plan that enables you to achieve your objectives, and the business coach leaves once they think you have things under control. Although business coaching can be beneficial for some, the QESH Business Coach takes a more in-depth approach with Business Results Training Program. 


QESH provides Business Solutions and Results with Guaranteed Success

Executive Business Coaching and Business Results Training Program:

This program is based on the belief that by going through a more intensive program that focuses on each individual at your company in addition to the business as a whole in order to lead your team to sustainable success. While there are elements of business coaching throughout the practice, QESH  tailored Executive Business Coaching & Results Training Program will be more advantageous in helping you, and your team, develop the leadership skills you need to succeed.

We can offer:

  • GAP analysis on your organizational structure, staff, and current procedures 

  • Leadership Development Training to ensure your leadership team has the skills to permanently sustain the culture changes;

  • Development and customizing, site-specific tools/ documents/procedures to hardwire improved performances;

  • Business Result Team Awareness Training: to provide world-class skills training and performance improvement for staff and employees 

  • Comprehensive Awareness Measurement Systems so you can monitor and continually improve your Results.

  • Executive “One on One” coaching and management support

  • Interim management if applicable.

  • Guidance during structural processes.

  • Create organizational alignment

  • Personal Coaching


You are free to choose only one module or combination of our Executive Business Coaching & Business Result Training Program, please contact us for a free personal one-hour consultation through a SKYPE call. 

Your Benefits:

The focus and benefits during the executive coaching and management support will always be, on:

  • Efficient organizational structure

  • Better results

  • Lower cost

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Better sustainable and measurable performance result program

  • Satisfied customers

  • Motivated staff


QESH Services operates worldwide and employs an efficient approach which, in practice, has been proven as highly effective:

  • A non-bureaucratic approach towards our customers;

  • An independent and ethical attitude;

  • No unexpected costs or delays;

  • Guaranteed ROI.


Contact us for more information on our Executive Business Coaching and Business Result Training Program or for a one-hour personal free consultation through a SKYPE Call. 

QESH provides Business Solutions and Results

with Guaranteed Success

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