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GAP Analysis/Safety Risk Assessment of your organization, staff, and safety procedures

QESH Services conduct a series of GAP Analysis / on-site risk assessments visits at your organization to assess the current safety awareness performance, to set future goals, to prepare for Leadership Safety Development Training and the customized skills Safety Awareness training, target the specific accidents / incident error-catching skills to be learned by your staff, and customize the learning materials to your specific organizational needs. Each department with which we work will receive an extensive visit from a QESH expert safety assessor.


Our expert observers will assess the “safety system” within which your staff provides the services/operations. Often, the safety system, due to poor design, or decay of the original design, will produce conditions necessary for accidents/incidents and errors. We identify those conditions and bring them to your attention.


The result of these visits? Your organization receives:

  • Identified safety risks;

  • Recommended safety process improvements;

  • Pre-training teamwork and communication performance assessment data;

  • Summary of critical incident information collected from Non-Conformity Reports.


Where appropriate, the information and data collected in the on-site assessments will be incorporated into the follow-on Safety Awareness Teamwork Skills Workshops to ensure the training targets specific and needed risk-reducing behaviors.

Go to the next step in the Safety Awareness Program:

2. Leadership Safety Development Training, to ensure your leadership team has the skills to permanently sustain the culture safety change;

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