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The benefits of remote ISO Auditing

When used in the right context with a clear objective in mind, remote ISO audits and full ISO implementation online can have multiple benefits in terms of efficiency, access to competence, increasing reach and mitigating risks. The right approach starts with what your organization wants to achieve. What is your overall objective? Knowing that will help us identify the approach needed to help you reach those goals.

Saving time and money with the use of technology

Most data, if not all, is accessible from anywhere, such as a cloud portal, so why waste so much time travelling to check documentation that can be available by other means? In this sense, there will be a significant reduction in money and time spent on commuting to the audit / consultancy location. In addition, interviews and even observations can be conducted through popular platforms like Skype or Zoom, which are regularly used by many of the companies already.

Avoiding travelling to “difficult” locations

Some locations can be difficult to access for many reasons; maybe they are just in an isolated area, or strict permits are needed to get in – even visas sometimes are required if audits are conducted internationally. With a ISO remote audit or ISO Full Implementation online, you avoid these difficulties.

The ISO audit team or ISO Implementation team will be more efficient

Working from their home office environment, the ISO audit or ISO implementation team will feel more comfortable, since they will be able to use all the necessary tools, such as high-speed internet, monitors, printers, etc. Enabling more ground, e.g. number of sites and geographies, to be included, thus increasing your insight and control.

Availability of audit and ISO implementation team(s) with required competence, connecting and including them where needed.

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